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We are trying to get our publishing company up and running.

We have several books coming down the pipeline, ready to be published, but we need the funds to get them printed and out the door. We dabbled in crowd funding, but it didn’t work well for us. Plus, crowd funding just doesn’t seem like a logical fit for a publishing company- it seems like more the type of thing that kids would use to raise money to buy instruments for the school band or that people would use to cover funeral expenses for some local hero.
So, we went back to the drawing board. The most fitting way of raising money for a publishing company is to put out a book, of course, but it would have to be a book that would involve lots of people and let them contribute to the company in a meaningful way.
As we were drinking coffee and brainstorming, it hit us like a brick of coffee. Books and coffee go together like Barnes and Noble and Starbucks (or Borders and Seattle’s Best). Coffee was the piece we had been missing. People all over the world have different schedules and routines, but we are all fueled by coffee (and the internet). As one person is sitting on a couch in Houston drinking coffee watching the news, another person is sitting at a café in Paris, looking at the Eiffel Tower perhaps. Another person might be sitting on a balcony sipping tea with the Pyramids of Giza in the background. These cups of caffeinated goodness weave the story that is us. They give us a snapshot of modern life across the continents and oceans.
We want to capture that snapshot. But we don’t want staged pictures of mugs all taken by one lonely professional photographer whose only job is to take pictures of coffee mugs in different places. We want pictures of coffee mugs and teacups as they are actually being used by normal people.
And thus, the Travel Mug Project was born. The goal is to create a large format coffee table book using pictures sent in by regular people from all over the world of cups and mugs in different places. All of the proceeds from the book will be used to fund the company. We would like your help, but this gives you a way of helping without having to cough up money with little in return. Instead, we are asking for your pictures. We will then pick our favorites from the pictures sent in, and they will be included in the Travel Mug book. To be clear, if your picture is chosen, you won’t get any money. We will however, give you credit for the picture. If you would like to include a description or quote to go along with the picture, we will include that too.
Once the project is ready, you will be able to buy the book. If your picture is chosen, you will have bragging rights and will be able to tell all of your friends and family that one (or more) of your pictures was actually published in a coffee table book.
We are really excited about this project and hope that you are too.

Please send us your pictures!


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